Monday, October 15, 2007

another day in the life of us

So today was full of ups and downs... Brok is feeling better but Kevin isn't... We got paid & it was bigger than expected but now it has to pay bills... I got the job I was hoping for but she wants to meet me first before she can be fully sure... it's been really crazy...

But... Only 8 days til we move... and get into our house... that's what's the most exciting for us.

Brok has found that he likes phones now. He grabbed my phone from me today and called some random number without me realizing & then proceeded to hit himslef in the face with it while trying to get it to his ear &/or mouth! he is growing so fast. Still not sitting up without assistance but he is really good at sitting on our laps & learned today that he can hold onto the handle in the shopping cart and he won't fall over. We can't wait til he can be mobile & then i know we'll wish he wasn't!

Good news just came from kevin, we get up front money to travel (we thought we were going to have to pay our way with credit cards & be reimbursed becasue his orders came really late) so that will help! yeah!


Steve & Camille Jennings said...

Good news guys!
Hey...where are all of our college friends? Do any of them have blogs?

Marcus and Shelly said...

Okay when we moved here they were throwing money at us and we just thought it was awesome...then 2 months later they took it all back and we had 3 paychecks that were like if anything doesn't seem right make sure you talk to the finance office before you spend the money! Good luck with your move! And with the job!