Wednesday, October 24, 2007

From Wichita Falls, TX to Tecumcari, NM

Well, I write tonight from desolate Tecumcari, NM. We are about 1/3rd of the way to our destination but rules & regulations prevent us from going any farther. We had to stop her because we are only allowed to drive 7hours a day or 500 miles & the way it all worked out, this is where we had to stop... It is such a tiny dinky little town in the desert... we ate at this podunk little restaurant & the waitress accused me of lying about getting mashed potatoes with my food & was really rude... but it was food & about the only food there was!!!
It has been a crazy week... and it's only wednesday! Monday I took Brok to the doctor & ended up having to just feed him pedialyte for 24 hours & very diluted formula for a week... So that was a fun stress to add to the mix.
And don't even get me started on loading up the car & stuff... we ended up getting lucky and one of the guys in Kevin's class had lots of room in his car for a lot of our stuff... Our car is totally full to the rim & roof!!!
Oh & we now have a crack in our windshield because of having to hit our brakes too hard... isn't that dandy?
Well, from tucumcari i say good night & that only 2days from now, I will be in my home on my nice big bed!!!!


Marcus and Shelly said...

Hey aren't small town people supposed to be nicer? Sorry about your bad luck. I'm so excited for you are almost there! Make sure you take lots of pictures of the area so I can decide if its my "wish list" worthy!

Chong's said...

wow, that sounds miserable! I'm glad you guys are safe though. Good luck with the rest of the drive and the moving in!