Sunday, October 28, 2007

What a Trip!!

Well, the time has come! We are finally settled & living life... I have to say it has been a surreal experience... We have had so much happen... For starters, its two hours behind here from Texas so we are always exhausted at 8!!!! Which really sucks... & our church is at 3pm, the most fussy time for Brok. So needless to say, this week, we didn't make it... however, our house rocks, its huge & totally empty right now. We have a bed (king size!!) and sofa & love seat, just picked up our coffee & end table & Brok's crib... that's about all that we have!!
Brok spent his first night out of our room last nightn... I am hoping he starts to sleep better now we have a crib for him... We met some of our friends last night that have a little boy the same age as Brok who is crawling & holding his own bottle & stuff. I hope being around him it motivates Brok to start doing some stuff.
We don't have too much else going on except that Kevin will probable get to live with me while he is in training... so hopefully tomorrow or at least within the week he will get to move out of the dorms into my house.
as for me... WEll I am just glad to be normal and to be able to get settled!!! WE will be here a minimum of 3 years. We actually signed a year lease which we have never done since being married!
Good night all!