Sunday, October 21, 2007

what a weekend

Wow... when things happen to us, they happen to us big!!! This weekend was good and bad for us...
Good: Well, I got a call late on Thursday night that the nanny job I had been wanting wanted me so I was stuck... I prayed so hard that I would make the right decision... Luckily, the lady wanted all kinds of strange things for me to do so I declined & was offered another part time job working on my days I don't for my real job so I will be able to come visit!
And then we got a lot packed up and ready to ship to Arizona
Bad: Friday all day Brok was sick, fever & all and the docs wouldn't get him in or refer me off base so I got to deal with a sick baby all weekend! which luckily for me, he isn't too bad of a sick kid... Then Friday, I got food poisoning & it was coming out both ends! horrible cramps & it threw me off! so I wake up on saturday, not feeling like I slep really but luckily, Kevin had sort of taken over with brok but he wakes up and what do you know, he is super sick too! funny thing is, the only thing we ate the same of was three days sooner & as far as I know, it should have hit sooner if it was that! so he had to be at the air show at the air force base at 10 for accountability & he couldn't hardly stand... here I am still sick & I have to make sure he is ok & brok too. So we get some meds for us all (no infant tylenol but luckily I planned ahead) and we did well. We watched some really cool planes & got a lot of fresh air. But unfortunately around 130 or so, Kevin got hit real bad with a head ache & had to rest. So I pushed brok in his stroller another 3 miles to the car & came to get him. however, I was facing into the sun & didn't thin about it but I got a good ole sunburn... Now my nose is bright red & my face hurts & my scalp itches from peeling already & my chest area where my shirt didn't cover looks like a crab! & since kevin was in his blues (the nice uniform with out a bill on the hat) he has a great looking burn on his face... Brok somehow escaped with not any sun (not sure how...)
Good: we woke up today & feel much better... got a lot of packing done & only have 2 days til we leave!!!
Brok however, still has bad diarhea so we have to make a trip to the doc tomorrow on top of having to get more boxes so we can ship things, go to two different banks to pay different things, finish packing my house, load my car, get the oil changed & tires rotated & take stuff to the air man's attic which for you non-military is where you can go get items for your house for free if you're a certain rank & below. mostly its where people who are movign take things they don't want to take with or couldn't sell. I have some really nice things to take like a microwave & baby stuff. also tomorrow I have to clean out my car, get kevin at 5 & clean my house. !!!! Wow... I hate moving! luckily, i won't be doing much next time & it won't be for a while!
We get to come to st george to visit soon so friends, I hope to see you!


Marcus and Shelly said...

Yes the Airman's Attic is nice...for both sides. You get to get rid of your junk and sometimes you can find some good stuff. Ours is mostly toys so I don't have much use for it yet. Yeah they wouldn't let me come to Marcus' tech school either and we didn't have the money to move me or the money for a place down there so we spent the first 3 months of our marriage apart. Sorry you had such a bad weekend and such a pain with the doctors...I feel for you!!!