Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Isn't my hubby so hot?

Kevin got his class pictures back today & his individual ones & this is it. I love it, I think he looks gorgeous in uniform! (and I helped him iron it sort of... I just watched actually!!!!) That's his plane in the background, the F-16. He loves the plane. I tell you, he is only in school for 5months total & he learns everything about the plane (so do I as i help him study) and there is a lot to learn!!!! So far since he's been in school, he's gotten the "Fit to Fight" & "Top Dawg" awards, the first for meeting certain physical fitnes standards (like running a mile & a half in 11:13 or something like that) and the second for acing all his tests & his instructor nominated him for it. He won out of 5 for the day shift. I'm very proud!

I am packing our house up, but really, there's not a lot to pack because in order to fit it in the car, it can't be packed! So basically, I'm going through and deciding what we can ship & can live without if it doesn't get there on time! I tell ya it's a lot easier going through a two bed apartment than a four bed house like I did moving to here!

I am slowly finding out that people in Phoenix are stuck up and rude... that does not make me want to move there. You have to dig deep to find those that don't care about what your email address is or what you put as a title to an ad! Today I posted on craigslist advertising myself as a nanny & I happened to pick the title pick me pick me & some lady wrote me a nasty email saying that I was unoriginal & that I stole her title that she had posted like a month ago. And then I had a lady rip on me that my email was a turn off to her (its honeylover122 and I've had it for so long that it would be difficult to change!) and that I needed to present myself more professionally. The thing is that these two had to take time out of their busy lives to dog on me when I am doing the same thing they are, looking for a job! Seriously what is wrong with people!

Anyway, I woke up today to fog so thick that I couldn't see the freeway that is like across the street from me! And it was cold! It's finally starting to cool off. Yeah!

I know it's up everyday but only a week left!!!!