Sunday, October 14, 2007

What an adventure!

Well, today was quite the day in that Brok slept from about 6pm last night til approximately 6pm tonight only waking a few times and at the longest was awake only 45min. He also had a fever of at least 100.5 or lower until about 6pm when it spiked to 101 (we know, nothing to worry right?) So we decide after calling the after hours nurses line and being told they will call back in an hour (what if he was dying!!) and the er at the hospital I was told to go to for my kidney stone telling us that we should come in, we decided to take him in because he was not acting at all normal. So we get there & are waiting when I got a phone call from the nurses line & after asking some strange questions (are all his body parts moving correctly>) they told us we were at the wrong er for "his disposition" since he wasn't grumpy all the time. So we decided to go see if we can't get him so ib profen to help with the fever & tylenol only to realize that every store has taken it off the shelves!!! Yeah , not the way we wanted to spend our evening...
so anyway, he's feeling better, fever has gone down & he's slepping again. This is going to be a busy week for us, Kevin has to go to all his outprocessing appointments & we have to decide exactly what we are shipping to arizona & what we can take with us in the car. We are also trying to schedule getting everything done and wishing that my dad was here to help us pack the car! He is really good at getting the most in the tiny space we have. Luckily for us, we now have a little more room since selling the stroller.
overall, it's been a busy weekend & it's gong to be a full week! We have an air show this weekend that is definately going to cut into our packing time but hey, only nine days left right> then life can settle down & we can get into a routine that will hopefully be good!


Marcus and Shelly said...

Well Welcome to Tri-Care I just hope that it is better stateside then it is here!