Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Only 2 Weeks Left

Well we only have 2 weeks left here in good old Wichita Falls, TX. Kevin graduates from his first technical training school working as a crew chief for the F-16 fighter planes. He loves is. Ashley is learning a lot too! It's been an interesting experience here in Texas, Ashley living alone is a strange place only knowing two people (both of which are now life long friends!) and Kevin living a normal weekend life but being under the strict thumb of the air force during the week! It sure has taught us to become more reliant on each other! Brok is growing like a weed, today we practiced sitting alone, he sort of has it, he will place his hands on the floor to balance but as soon as they are gone he topples to the left side! He also did something new today, he pushed up on his hands and scooted his knees up under his chest, the first signs of crawling!!!! I can't wait til he is mobile. I know, I will wish he wasn't but it would be so much fun!!!
Well that is all I have for tonight as my battery is dying on the laptop. I will post new picutes and more blogs tomorrow!