Saturday, October 13, 2007

We Know What's Going On!

Well, we finally got our orders on thursday & we leave good old Texas in ten or eleven days & we could not be happier!!!! We have found us a cute little house in Buckeye Arizona that will fit us so good! I got a job as a nanny which I am so excited about because Brok gets to come, in fact, she wanted someone with at least one kid!!! It will help with finances too and keep me busy and not getting fat!!!
We also got rid of Brok's infant seat, he was way too long for it so that everytime i would get him in and out, he would have to pull his feet up or they would get stuck!!! He now has a converitble car seat that can be forward or rear facing. I was a little sad to see him grow up but he loves it, he has more room to move & he can see better, it sits up better. Dad is happy cause he also got a new stroller, a nice Jeep umbrella stroller & it "has cool wheels & a pillow" for Brok. He's growing like a weed! You would not know he was my baby though, he looks just like kevin!!
I am excited to get back out west, i have to admit, i have gotten majorly homesick the past few weeks, i mean who can blame me, i just sit at home all day! I miss everything about st. george including the weather, it's been low 90's this past week& it's almost november!
Well, not much else for today except that I miss everyone & can't wait to get home!!!!


Marcus and Shelly said...

Are you going to Luke?

Marcus and Shelly said...

Oh and welcome to the AF...its interesting!

Steve & Camille Jennings said...

congrats! ...We're happy for you!