Saturday, October 13, 2007

Brok loves his RainForest Jumperoo, this is right after we moved out here to texas, about the 3rd of July, his feet can't touch yet but alas, three months later, we have had to raise it because he is so tall! At his 6mo check up, he weighed 16lbs, 10oz (only gaining 8lbs in 6mo) and was 27in. he is overall in the 25th % for his gender & age. Like i said, he's tall & skinny!


Lacey Robinson said...

Ashley...Your blog is so cute and your little boy is adorable! It sounds like things are going well for you and your family! I would love to see a family picture...anyway- I'm glad you stopped by my blog, let's keep in touch!

Marcus and Shelly said...

Hey! I saw your comment on Lacey's page first and I was wondering if you were the Ashley that I knew. Its good to hear from you and your little boy is adorable! Well don't sign up for Spangdahlem Germany for your next base cause its really small and really boring! Try for Ramstein...and its funny that you are were I want to be and I'm were you want to be!