Thursday, October 18, 2007

having one of those days again

Okay so another day... yeah, today all my hopes were totally crushed... actually, not really, I just feel like everything is about to crash down on me!!!!
To start out my day, I woke up feeling as if I hadn't slept a wink! Brok was screaming in his pak n play next to the bed & he had pooed out his diaper, all over! And once again, he felt warm! So after cleaning him up, I go to eat breakfast & what do you know, I have nothing! Somehow I had let myself run out of cream chees & all I had to eat was my lunch stuff... So I didn't eat... Then I realized that it was the 18th & Brok was supposed to get his 6 mo shots on the 10th (the military is very strict in adhereing exactly to the day of when the shots were given) so I had to take him in to get them before it got too late. So we go & wait (they give them separate from at the doctor) and when they finally get to him half hour later, he's fussy & tired. Poor guy. So they poked him twice & he didn't cry but he sure bled. So then I come get online to find out that I in fact didn't get the nanny job right around the corner that I was hoping for as her sitter had bailed on her. So that made my day just even worse. And then, Brok pooed all over again!!! and he was screaming at the top of his lungs. So we go home & when I get there, the dogs have strewn my magazines all over the floor so it was a huge mess. I was not having a great day. Then I decided once Brok was down for his nap (he fought & fought so hard) that I would call to find out why I still hadn't heard back from the apartment complex about the deposit I had sent that was supposed to be refundable. Well apparently, they just didn't want to call me back & tell me that somewhere in the fifteen page application I signed it said that I would only get the deposit back if it was in 48hrs after I was approved. So there went our money right down the drain... Funny thing is that no one could call me & tell me so here I have been banking on that money & now we don't get it... Needless to say that just about topped off my wonderful day... Luckily it did get better... I found a better nanny job, only two days a week & a date night for them which Kevin does get to come with on & it's only ten bucks less a week than the one I really wanted. It is a bit further away but there are somethings that you just gotta give... And she really wants me, she said... so that was the highlight of my day. luckily, only 5days left til we are out!!!!!


Lacey Robinson said...

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Marcus and Shelly said...

Modbe is awesome by the way and I wear one of their camis every single day! Okay so I just have one question...why are you having to pay your own down payment on an apartment? I guess stateside is different but over here everything but utilities is covered...hmmm I guess something not to look forward to.