Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I have new pictures!!!

Ok so a lot of my family hasn't seen Brok since we moved, ok everyone but Becky & Eric & Gary & JoAnne so here are some more recent pictures of him. He will be seven months old in six days! I can't believe it's been that long!!!! Each day is an adventure with us!

On the 5th of October we drove to Dallas to stay with my mom's brother Gary & his wife JoAnne and visit for a while. We had so much fun, swimming with Brok & patches & going out on the boat, Brok wasn't so sure at first, too much wind in his face but then we figured out if we hide him he liked it. Sooo... He would cry when we stopped but loved when we went fast! I will get a picture of him in his life jacket up ASAP.

Also, there are a few pictures of us riding the trolley through some place in downtown Dallas, and though its not close up, this is our family more recently! hope you like the pictures!

Ok my computer won't let me add the new pictures so i need to go back & do some reconfig. I promise new pics soon!!!

Only 6 days left!!!!