Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

We took Brok out trick or treating tonight & had a blast. He is so much fun! Pictures are coming, He was a purple dragon. Hope you all had fun & were safe!
It was so cute today & its something that made me want to cry... Kevin & I always are texting back & forth about stuff & when he left for school today, he said I love you (which is normal) but he said make sure Brok knows I love him too. He is such a good daddy & I love him so much. Brok gets so excited to see him whenever we go get him, he smiles the biggest toothless grin & his face just lights up to hear his daddy's voice. I love you babe!

So do you ever wonder about how life works itself out in the strangest ways? This week has been really crazy getting things done her e& what not... But you will never guess... those of you who know what has been going on... The lady that I turned down to nanny for was still looking & we are having a really hard time scheduling with the job I took, she wants really odd hours & with Kevin living with me it just wasn't working out right & well needless to say, I will not be working for her but Kristen, the other job, would like me... I met with her today & apparently with the contract thing, well its going to be on my terms... the funny thing is that she lives about 100 yards from my house. So I can walk there and Kevin can take the car & yeah... but isn't it crazy how life can just spit out something for you that is perfect & with a stubborn attitude we just deny it, no matter how many times we get it thrown at us? I wonder what Heavenly Father is thinking... He's probably saying "Hello I gave you this great opportunity & this is what happens, get it through your fat head!!!!"
Anyway... That's my thought for the day... It's almost the weekend! YEA!!!!
Oh & Shelly, put this base on your wish list, it rocks & if you live out in the area I do, it's pretty much like home...